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This is a one-stop hub of your own life that you can share with all of those arounds you in the form of the trending Bento UI style.

In Development
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Eat the Hotdog

A Unity game developed at UMD's Bitcamp Hackathon using an Arduino, accelerometer, and the Unity game engine

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Spotify Music Box

A Music box developed with the Spotify API

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Unbe-leaf-able AI

Developed a program using Python, PyTorch, and Leafsnap Plant data to evaluate the accuracy of two machine learning models in identifying 185 species of leaves

ArticleArtificial Intelligence
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Currently maintaining the UI/functionality of the Philadelphia Classic's (PClassic) website.

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Wootton Life

A listing for students at Thomas S. Wootton HS to view upcoming clubs and activities. Created in an effort to promote school spirit and club interactivity.

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A tool to help visualize popular text encryption ciphers. Created to make learning about ciphers easier for students to understand.

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A parody of Wordle, but instead, you guess a random programming language!